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A Passionate Evidential Medium and Spiritual Advisor & Teacher

Full accredited and endorsed by world renown Medium James Van Praagh.

Fully registered with International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine as a Spiritual Life Coach.

Christine continues to expand her abilities and knowledge as a Platform Medium and currently is working with Medium Charlie Kelly.


Christine Rogerson in Brockville, Ontario

For more than 30 years, I’ve explored my skills and knowledge by putting into practice teachings and techniques that have given me the ability to bring helpful forms of healing, clarity, and encouragement to my clients. My mantra is to leave people better than the way I found them.

I’ve had the privilege of having amazing teachers over the years, including James Van Praagh, Medium Charlie Kelly, Tony Stockwell, and Dr. Joe Vitale in addition to the teachings of Sylvia Browne. They have bolstered and expanded my abilities, taking them to another level and giving me the confidence to take these modalities out to the public.

Growing up, I knew I was different from others. I’ve always had a close connection with animals and nature. Knowing that animals were communicating with me, I quickly realized that others don’t share this wonderful gift. I found the greatest source of comfort from animals than I did with people.

Even though we all can be psychic, I’ve always had the gift of clear knowing. Because of this, it was ‘normal’ for all my friends to seek counsel and advice from me throughout my entire life.

At a young age, I was always taught by my mother and father that knowledge is power. Because of this, I would explore various healing techniques and services. It is a natural progression that would blend easily with another. I became a Reiki master and then pursued crystal healing therapy.

It wasn’t enough to have and use the power of energy healing. All forms of psychology had to be understood. This led me to TFP and EFT tapping techniques as well as neurolinguistics programming.

As important as it is to have the ability to heal, the use of healing and transformative words are equally important. I also quickly discovered that what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. That led me to explore the world of tarot and oracle cards, pendulum work, and other forms of divination.

What always had my heart’s interest was the ability to communicate with Spirit. I know firsthand how healing it can be to have someone connect and communicate with your loved one. Discovering evidence that validates that our souls never die never ceases to amaze me and encourages me to continue expanding my gifts.

Accredidation and Certificates

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